Recto - verso





In partnership with Dassault Aviation


This project is anchored in the cockpit of the Falcon 5X, a private jet associated to business. The idea is to redesign the travel experience while offering services that passengers are used to having

on a daily basis.


Recto-Verso proposes an aircraft layout which is centered

on its primary function: work. The interior has been completely reshaped with more formal, visual and structural lightness.


We redesigned the general organisation of the aircraft,

a new floor plan with as many seats as in the current cabin,

but with more defined spaces which are more precise in their uses.


We chose to design the central meeting space in detail. It is a central cantilevered module that can accommodate four passengers

for both work and meal times.


Photo credits : Véronique Huygue

Guillemette de Brabant

The work surface is considered as an extension of the shell of the passenger cabin, two skins that would come together in a functionalised slice.

This arrangement proposes to change the general orientation of the space, in order to offer a view towards the sky, rather than towards the inside of the passenger compartment.

The meal is taken on a tablet that slides out from the gap formed between the upper and lower parts of the desk, so that you can eat without dirtying or moving your work surface.

A projection screen can be deployed thanks to simple operations that are within reach.

Storage is in a locker located in the edge of the desk. The return of one's personal belongings is obtained thanks to a leather drawer equipped with a strap.

Electronic devices are charged by an induction system hidden under the leather pad, indicated by an embossing. The pad holds in place pens and other small objects that may slip during the flight.


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