Winner of the Orange Vous Donne des Ailes competition

Vision award


The subject of the contest is to rethink the Cloud and its use.

If it has the advantage of offering access to personal data anywhere and at any time, data is therefore somewhat disconnected

from reality, intangible.


My first intention was to restore materiality and sensitivity

to the photos, texts, videos, notes and treasures that are dropped

on this digital space. Lascaux offers to spatialize intangible data.


Through the pairing of an application and a plug-in, it is possible to geographically anchor and share your data with other Cloud users. Thus, the files are accessible where they were dropped by the user.


The application allows you to choose what you want to share,

with whom and for how long. The plug-in has two functions:

on the one hand it allows one to drop content in a geographical area, by detaching the magnetic loop, and on the other hand it signals

the presence of shared content, thanks to a light indicator.

Guillemette de Brabant

The color of the light emitted by the plug-in depends on the date of submission of the content, so that the user gets an idea of the anteriority of what was left there for him at first glance.


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